Bracken Band Album Artwork

Here’s some album artwork I created for Suffolk based band Bracken.

I have previously worked with them to create their band logo too, it was nice to incorporate that in to this project as well.

The band wanted their new album artwork to be influenced by the songs and lyrics that they have written for it, with topics including political class division and conquering/dealing with anxiety and depression (reference to the metaphor: black dog).

They threw some pretty cool ideas at me about what they’d like to see, and also some notable lyrics from the songs that will make up the album that helped me get a feel for the piece:

‘Do you remember a time when giants walked the earth?’
‘We are all slaves to the grind. Our balls in a vice. Work. Breed. Die’
‘Do you realise that the robot invasion is being broadcast straight to your ears’

‘The shadow creeps, cold whispers ringing through my head.
Crawling further from behind, warm breath shivers my spine.
I’m just a broken man, living in this alien world
A new tale of vintage design. The new dogs learnt a few old tricks

Bow to the Black Dog”

Be sure to check out Bracken here.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in commissioning me to design your bands album artwork, I’d love more commissions like this!

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