Honouring an unbreakable bond ✨🐾

I am pleased to introduce to you the very first heartfelt tribute of it’s kind – Hand-Painted Pet Memorial Lockets 🐾 A truly personalised keepsake that captures the unique story you shared with your cherished companion, for infinity.

Open the locket and you’ll find a tiny chamber, a sacred space that stores the heart shaped ashes of your pet, allowing you to keep a piece of them close to your heart wherever you go ❤️

Pet Memorial Keepsake

Having lived the experience of pet loss earlier this year, I’ve witnessed and felt the unfathomable grief that comes with the loss of a beloved friend. 

This inspired me to offer something highly heartfelt and personalised that’s unlike other talismans of comfort I have seen online. ✨

Custom Hand Painted Pet Memorial Portrait Pendant with ashes

Each locket encases a miniature, original oil painting of your pet, then immortalised in crystal clear resin.

I am so grateful to Laura, who entrusted me with the ashes of her beautiful husky, Dakota, which enabled me to create the first prototype. 

Available options

This journey of capturing your pet’s stories in a handmade keepsake, is a new one. Going forward, I will be offering different shaped lockets with customisable options. You may want to switch out the symbolic forget-me-nots and replace it with a locket of fur, if you have some available.

Looking earlier in the year, I discovered that there wasn’t a huge range of options of pet memorial keepsakes. The ones that were available, typically tended to be quite feminine in nature.

As a result and as well as the lockets pictured here, I’d like to offer something a bit more minimal, without compromising on beauty.

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