Well, if the past few years is anything to go by, life certainly has a tendency to throw us some lemons at us and everyone has to navigate some turbulent times once in a while. If you should find yourself in such a position of needing some good fortune, just go for a wander in the wilds in search of your local Ash tree!

But what’s so special about the ash tree, I hear you cry! The key to the answer, lies within, well…the keys!

The seeds of the mighty ash tree are also known as ‘keys’ and they are abundant right now as we approach the end of summer. You can use them as a good luck charm to invite good fortune in to your life and I am about to tell you how! You don’t even need to be witchy for this charm…but it helps ;) intention is everything!

Spend some time with Ash and connect with it’s spirit, as it is one of the most magical of trees which make up the nine woods that make the Beltane fire 🌳 It is long associated with it’s magical healing rites, but it’s also used for good fortune and charms of prosperity. The fact it grows strong, straight limbs also makes it a perfect material for making staffs and witches wands.

According to folklore, the ash tree is known for repelling serpents, they can’t stand it! Anyone carrying a wand of ash will be safe from snake encounters.

Image of a bunch of Ash Tree Seeds that can be used for magickal purposes

If you responsibly harvest a bunch of these keys and hang them about the house or carry them with you, it is believed you’ll never want for money again! But more importantly, you can wish for abundance that money cannot buy, in the form of health, happiness and general good fortune too ☺️🔮🍃

You’re very welcome to use the following incantation to super charge your good fortune:

“Ash Keys of fortune, symbols of wealth,
Harness your magic, bring abundant health.
By nature’s rhythm, by earth and air,
Prosperity’s blessings, beyond compare”