Band’s Album Artwork – (Azmaroth)

I have recently completed a monster of a project for Norwegian based rock band, Azmaroth.

Previously, I’ve worked with them to create their band mascot – a mythical, powerful horned beast character. Azmaroth wanted to incorporate this beast of a character into their album cover, with a good/evil, heaven and hell apocalyptic type theme which I carried throughout the album art.

Also included within the album art is the lyric booklet, which had to be designed.
The band wanted to pick out elements from their lyrics to be illustrated along side the songs in the lyric booklet, too. I think the middle page is my favourite with the crow, simple, but bold and powerful!

Lyric-Booklet Breather Page Design

Also, I sneakily snuck in the Azmaroth Beast character on one of the lyric pages, can you spot him lurking in the shadows?

The process of this album artwork includes photo manipulation combining stock images mixed with digital painting which I completed on my trusty Wacom Cintiq 13 HD Touch on Adobe Photoshop CS6. I highly recommend this piece of kit to anyone working in the creative digital field, it’s an absolute game changer. Pricey, but totally worth it, I’d be lost without it now!

Anyway, please see the finished project below, enjoy!


You can listen to ‘Death Crowned King’ on Spotify now: