Details of ‘Harbinger’, oil on 12×16 panel. Currently on show at @artspace_woodbridge 🖼 Did you know that Swallows can be observed flying close to the ground when bad weather is on the way?

That’s because the low barometric pressure pushes all the insects down lower to the ground, which invites the swallows to feed at ground level! A classic example of why birds are so important to us, their fragility and sensitivity to so many elements act as an invaluable barometer to our environment, which is rapidly changing due to the impact we have on it.

As you may have noticed, I am starting to record my painting processes and will be uploading bits and bobs like this to my YouTube account, so if this is your thing, I’d love it if you could subscribe to see my journey!

See you very soon with the next and thank you as always for your support!