I am so pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting my latest body of artwork at the Artspace gallery in Woodbridge, Suffolk in October! Let me tell you about it;

Back in the pre-covid times of winter 2019, I had the absolute delight of meeting fellow nature artist, Nicola Coe, when I was exhibiting at the Art Fair East event in Norwich. She has been nothing but lovely to me over the past couple of years, and her dedication and admiration for the natural world really shines through her beautiful, textural work and is what connected us.

Her connections to two other brilliant nature based artists Maria Clarke-Wilson and Gray Jordan who both work with natural elements from plant dyes to mineral pigments, lead to the birth of the group ‘Four Nature’ – Four artists that work with nature, for nature. I cannot express enough gratitude for Nicola for inviting me in to such a lovely group of like-minded artists, I am so excited to combine forces with these lovely ladies!

FOUR NATURE Krysten Newby Artist Flyer

Although we all work in very different ways and have our own unique approach, we all ultimately share the same goal and that is to connect you back nature through the medium of our artwork.

I highly recommend you come along to the ‘Four Nature’ exhibition which runs from the 14th -20th October 2021 10am -5pm at the Artspace gallery in Woodbridge, Suffolk. For more info, I’ll leave a link below.

See you there!