I’m so happy to share with you my first handmade wildlife talisman! 🦉 

It features a miniature, original oil painting of a beautiful Barn Owl keeping watch on the front of the locket. Upon opening, it reveals a spray of real barn owl feathers, arranged in a protective nest 🪺 

As a practicing ethical taxidermist of 8 years, I have accumulated quite a collection of feathers and various animal parts, I’m always looking for new ways to make use of them! I love that I have an enchanting new outlet that encompasses my oil paintings too , but even more thrilled that I may give the opportunity for someone to be close to their spirit/totem/guardian *insert whatever term you associate with here!* animal when they need a little boost of confidence, protection and guidance ❤️

The idea behind these stems from my experiences with the Eurasian Jay, my personal guide animal, that you will hear all about if you follow my journey! Stay tuned ☺️ *P.S Barn Owls are a CITES listed species and I have an article 10 licence in place to legally sell these feathers 🪶 *