It’s about time!

I always like to show the stages of my work where I can, so I’ve started to do time lapse videos. These videos show the process of how I work from start to finish on a piece.

In this time lapse video, it shows how I created my latest edition to the British bird inspired paintings I am doing. I aim to paint all 259 British bird species, which may take me a long time, but it will be worth it!

Once I have more of a collection together, I’d love display and exhibit them locally and donate 30% of every sale to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

Nature gives me so much, it’s only fair I give something back in return and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust is such a great organisation that really cares and helps my local environment and all the glorious wildlife in it.

Please see the video below on how I created the Little Owl painting time lapse style. I’ll be regularly updating my ‘British Bird Paintings’ portfolio on the home page, so be sure to check that out and don’t forget to follow the progress on my Instagram & Twitter, too @Krys10Design, thanks!