I recently got commissioned by a lovely audio artist to design their logo. Ilkka (inAudio) liked the idea of an eye, with a theme of Pareidolia  which is a phenomenon where they human eye picks out ‘faces’ in different objects or surroundings.

I loved this concept! To begin with the creative process, I combined the two elements of visual and audio. Intricate, geometric patterns of audio visualsers that are featured on most music programmes came to mind when I did this.

I started to throw down some ideas on to paper, experimenting with guilloche patterns to re-create these visualisers. I thought the guilloche pattern worked well because of the wave-pattern that links to audio waves, and also the fact that it plays with your eyes a bit, giving the illusion of different patterns that aren’t actually there. In addition to this, I included an element of Pareidolia into the main logo – can you spot the face?

Ilkka also liked two other logos in the creative development process. Undecided, both of these logos were chosen as additional, supporting artwork that were included in the social media promotional material package.


“Krysten is talented at her craft, handles her business like a professional and to top it all of is a lovely person. The experience of working with her felt extremely organic, genuine and fun. I would highly recommend anyone to send their artsy ideas to Krysten’s creative incubator.” – Ilkka Kuisma (InAudio)