Wow! We’re half way through the first month of 2023 already and this is the first blog post, so I am still flirting with the deadlines of wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Hand painted badger pendant in progress

I know that my journey with my new venture ‘The Fable Key’ is still in it’s infancy, but this will be the year I nurture her in to being a fully fledged hub of all things wild and whimsical, with lots of handmade treasures to offer you.

I am starting this year with a range of hand-painted wildlife talismans, in the form of these gorgeous pendants. I have discovered that I adore painting in miniature format, it’s such a challenge, but I love seeing how quickly they come together.

Victorian Braided Hair Jewellery


As an ethical taxidermist over at Taxidermy Co., I always have scraps of fur left over from the animals that I work on, as well as a tonne of other natural history curios like skulls, feathers, you name it! I am putting them to good use by pairing the hand painted pendants, with an element of the creature within.

I am particularly inspired by the Victorian mourning jewellery made from woven hair, I find them beautifully endearing and it turns something inanimate, in to an object that holds presence. That’s exactly the comforting feeling I want to invoke with these ‘wildlife talismans’, you will be carrying a piece of the animal you have a spiritual connection with, holding it close to your heart.

Handpainted Lockets

Wildlife Talismans

Here is a preview of the hand-painted wildlife talisman pendants I have created so far. I will be releasing a range on a particular date in the very near future, so please keep your eyes peeled!