‘Krys The Creator’

Hey guys! Since I seem to have my creative fingers in many pies right now, I thought it was time for a bit of a relaunch.

Instead of specifically offering graphic design, as some of you may know I am also an ethical taxidermist and run another brand by the name of ‘Taxidermy Co.’

I do so many things that I don’t even know what my title is anymore, so I thought ‘Krys The Creator’ was more of a generalised term for what I do, because I sure create a lot of things!

Including: Graphic Design, Commercial & Custom Illustration, Taxidermy, Sculpture, Faux Taxidermy, Jewellery, Wildlife Photography, Fine Art…all whilst battling multiple chronic illnesses which plays havoc with my daily life, so I’m very much winging it through life.

My art is definitely my way of coping with it all and is also my therapy.

So I welcome you to my little space of the internet! Somewhere where I can easily showcase all of my artistic disciplines in one place.

Here’s a little snapshot of what I’m working on at the minute, an amazing collaboration for Punk Paws Clothing!

Peace Out –

Krysten x