I know it may be a little bit cliché, but I care not.

I’m going to go ahead and say it – I’ve always considered wolves as one of my ‘spirit’ animals. Maybe because I’m a bit of a lone wolf myself, but on a more logical and subliminal level, they’ve been steeped in local culture and lore from my home town of Bury St Edmunds.

Original Wolf Oil Painting For Sale

A single wolf was supposedly meant to have guarded the head of St Edmund when he was executed by viking raiders. 

They cut off his head and threw it deep in to the forest, where his followers were lead after the wolf exclaimed “here, here, here!”. They were able to reunite his head with his body, which miraculously became reattached! 

True or not, you decide! But this painting is actually based on one of my own experiences from being an avid skywatcher. I have witnessed several ‘unexplained’ occurrences of light in the night sky, but a particular sight has never left my mind. It is impossible to recreate what I saw that night, but I am happy in the knowledge that this humble representation will be forever documented in the medium of oils.