Rodent Illustrations for STV Pest Control

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a while! I’ve been so busy recently setting up my other taxidermy brand Taxidermy Co. but I’ve still been doing a lot design and illustration work in between!

Here’s something I’ve done recently illustrated for the Big Cheese brand at STV Pest Control:

STV Pest Control contacted me because they wanted a series of rodent illustrations highlighting their ‘gross’ and ‘vermin’ like features to go on their packaging and to be a part of their rebrand.

They felt that the images of mice and rats they were previously using looked a bit too cute, which is something they didn’t want to portray. I achieved this vermin look to them by adding in a few scabby elements to their fur, noise and texture and also added in some jumping fleas around them.

They were very happy with the end result and I recently got sent a link to the website which features my illustrations in action!

Check it out at and also keep an eye out for them in stores too!