Hello Lovelies, Krysten here with a long overdue re-introduction!

Some of you may know me from the ‘early days’ of my volatile creative journey, where it started with my degree in graphic design back in 2014.

Around the same time, I also started my unique hobby of ethical taxidermy. You can see this in some of my fantasy sculptures and dioramas today.

For many years, I worked as a freelance graphic designer, making logos and illustrations for publications, film posters, clothing brands, CD covers, the whole shabang! 

The problem solving aspect of a brief and the reward of happy clients that were buzzing about their new work, creatively fulfilled me immensely. However, after a while, I realised I wasn’t allowing any time for myself to express who I was artistically. 

2020 saw a lot of change and I had to give up my little home office. My chronic health issues also declined and I saw it as a divine nudge to take a step back, that ultimately lead to my journey on the right path.

Green Witch practicing hedgerow medicine in Suffolk KRYSTEN NEWBY
And here we are, at the vessel that’s organically manifested itself from my mind as The Fable Key! Through my personal revelations, experiences and a pure love for the natural world, I have come to the belief that there truly is a kind of magick that pulses through the veins of nature, that we are able to interact with.

My ailments, my superpower.

I really don’t like too much to divulge on personal issues, but I’d be lying if I said that my ailments aren’t at the heart of my creative journey. Although they hold me back from most things that most people take for granted in life, it has helped me excel in my art.

After many failed pharmaceutical interventions to try and control my juvenile onset rheumatoid arthritis, I literally had nothing left to lose by looking in to the holistic approach.

I always knew that plants had medicinal properties, but I was always advised by my rheumatologist and other medical professionals that there is ‘no scientific evidence’ that a change in diet or supplements supported healing.

But when I challenged that narrative, the world got a whole lot more magickal! I now find myself immersed in exploring ancient wisdom, folkloric tradition and natural magick, all with hedgerow medicine at the heart of it.

I’d say this is a new found passion of mine, but truly, it’s always been within me as I have always been fascinated/borderline obsessed with the surrounding natural world (and anyone that knows me will tell you the same!).

The time I have given myself to creatively water the seeds that have been within my soul has been so beneficial for me to bloom in to what I am meant to be.

The Fable Key is a place that unlocks a world of magick in to the everyday mundane, to preserve ancient wisdom and knowledge through harnessing natural intelligence, in a world full of artificial challenges.

It is here I will transmute these themed passions through my art and I hope that you can continue to follow me on my creative endeavours of folklore and fine art!

Soon, you can expect to see in The Fable Key shop, a newly launched range of items including original oil paintings and prints, a range of botanically inspired homeware, spell vials for a range of different situations to help with every day challenges, wildlife talismans and so much more!