I recently heard about Poster Spy’s Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Contest,¬†With only a few days left till the submission date I quickly rustled¬†up this poster design! Panic is good fuel for good art. I don’t often work in full vector colour, but I really enjoyed it and I already want do design another one like this – maybe I will make it my new year’s resolution to create a movie poster per month!
The brief was very loose and any aspect could be applied to the design. I took my inspiration from watching the official Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer on youtube and I took screenshots of particular moments where I thought the image could work within the poster.

I found the image of Kylo Ren looking out of the ship window very inspiring, it was a striking image and I knew instantly how I was going to set up the composition of the poster. The elements going on in the background, including the fabulous Millennium Falcon worked great within the window frame and looked as if you’re ‘looking’ through the window from Kylo’s point of view.
I hope you like it!