I’ve recently been working with the amazing, Australian based Wild Minds Clothing to complete a bunch of ‘wild’ designs and illustrations for the launch of of their new clothing line that’s available now! I always thoroughly enjoy the work they commission me to do – illustrating animals is my favourite thing.

The designs feature;

  • The ‘Fierce’ one colour stag design with typographic ‘Wild Minds’ antlers (bit of a challenge, but I got there in the end!), being shot with arrows, but it doesn’t phase him because he’s strong and badass.
  • A tad more girly ‘Dreamcatcher’ sleeping fawn in watercolour style,
  • And of course the lucky rabbit’s foot that’s featured on pocket tees.

More commissions like these please! :)

It’s such a great feeling seeing the designs be put in to action, I love seeing the pictures from the photoshoot!

If you’re in need of some epic garment/apparel designs for your company, do feel free to enquire today!