House Portrait

Was stumped for ideas for my Nan’s Christmas present this year, so I decided to illustrate her house portrait through the seasons.

It’s my favourite house in the world and a lot of my childhood memories are based here.
I created the piece(s) on photoshop with watercolour brushes and special leaf brushes for the foliage from reference photos I and other family members had through the seasons. My favourite has got to be the winter wonderland version, Nan’s house is the best in the snow! I may add some more daffodils to the spring version though, she does love her flowers.
I think they will look pretty good in a 4 picture frame.
I do hope she likes it, I can’t wait to see her open it on Christmas day :)

If you’re interested in getting your own house portrait done, or looking for a bit of an unusual and special gift to give to someone please get in contact for commission inquiries, I’d love to do another house portrait!

Thank you,