Well, I wasnt expecting that...


As you may know, recently I started a campaign where I sent out FREE 3 mini prints of my wildlife art to every new email subscriber.

To get my promotion ‘out there’ I made a modest facebook ads campaign to a targeted audience who liked wildlife, art and nature in general! I was thrilled to of received 43 new subscribers in just under a week, to whom I sent out free prints too.

As these are limited edition (and I have a limited budget!) I was going to cap this offer at 100 subscribers. I was monitoring my subs very closely, every hour so I didn’t go over this number.

Yesterday morning, I woke up still to find near on 60 subscribers, yay! I had a hospital appointment yesterday too, and when I checked it when I came back, I was in disbelief.

I had to refresh the page as I thought there must be a glitch. But no, sure enough I had 424 subscribers, in a little over 2 hours.


Email Subscribers Explode
Apparently, someone picked up on this offer and whacked it on a ‘FREE STUFF’ app, hence the explosion in such a short time!
  • At this point, I know most of these followers are just in it for the ‘FREE STUFF, YAY!’ regardless if they actually like my art or not, BUT, here is my quandary.
  • Mini Prints were limited to 100 subscribers and I was going to stop the campaign when I reached this number.
     I don’t want to annoy and deceive people with my offer, so what do I do?

To compromise and to minimise the annoyance this has caused, I have ordered some more mini prints. I am still going to give you FREE MINI PRINTS, but a small postage fee will have to be paid.


I’m SO sorry for the inconvenience this has caused everyone, if I could afford to do it all for free, I would.